At SoulSound WE master hybrid, with a combination of high end analog & digital, to bring you the best of both worlds - analog tone & digital compatibility with a wide range of playback situations, including, CD, Vinyl, Flac, AAC, MP3 and many brands of streaming.

Stereo Mastering

$50 Per Song
$10 Per Alternate Print (Instrumental, Clean, etc.)

Traditional Mastering - you provide stereo mixes, we provide high quality master files.


Stem Mastering

$100 Per Song
$10 Per Alternate Print (Instrumental, Clean, etc.)

A more recent form of mastering come about due to artists working in home studios without the benefit of accurate high resolution monitoring. Maybe your mix is close, but you can’t quite nail the levels? Or perhaps it sounds balanced level-wise, but the cymbals are overly harsh? While these kind of issues can be dealt with to some degree in conventional stereo mastering, it is much easier when you have more control over the source - thus stem mastering. You send in the stems (or groups of instruments - i.e. drum, guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals, etc) and we do the master with more control.